DOBCL® Innovative Variety for Your Design.

     D.O.Bond Company Limited (DOBCL) established in 2006 by Mr.Wichai Wichitpraphai. We are member of the VHC group. DOBCL focused in decoration and innovative construction materials business. Sale territories covered in Thailand, Lao, Myanmar Vietnam and Cambodia.

     DOBCL is one of the top leader in Aluminum Composite market. We are the biggest stock keeper in Thailand. Inventory Turnover more than 50,000 sq.m.per month . MAONE and MAONE/fr Aluminum Composite Material had more over 80 colors. BUZON had over 1,000 Sq.m. ready to ship. KREEN+ had over 3,000 Sq.m. ready to sell. Tyvek had 5 models for different kind of usage.

     We are ready to serve and ready to ship in any purchase. DOBCL are proudly to be a part of development in local construction with our world class and innovative products.

     We are appreciated to provide solution in any projects, architects, engineers and contractors. For advance project by the product specialist. Because we care, then we share.


      Moving with sustainability, environment and social concerns with innovative decoration materials.


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